Nokia to bring digital TV to mobile phones

Nokia to bring digital TV to mobile phones

By Jan Libbenga
Published Thursday 4th November 2004 12:32 GMT

By 2006 you will be able to watch television on your Nokia phone. Within two years as many as 20 different TV channels will be made available, Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia’s general manager of Multimedia, told the ninth Nokia Mobility Conference, which opened this week in Monaco.
到2006年你就可以在你的移动电话上看收到电视节目了。在摩纳哥本周开幕的诺基亚第九次会议上,诺基亚的多媒体事业部的主管,Anssi Vanjoki,说,在两年之内你就可以有20多个频道可以选择了。

Nokia will introduce a mobile phone with a built-in digital TV receiver by 2006. In Monaco the company revealed its latest model, where a separate TV card is used to make viewing of television possible.

According to Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat Nokia is currently testing the mobile phone TV in Helsinki and Oxford. Testing in the US will soon commence in collaboration with network operator Crown Castle. Nokia recently completed a trial in Berlin, where people could view tv shows on their handsets for three-to-15 minutes per day.

Director Seppo Sutela of Nokia Ventures told the conference that charges on programmes will vary from country to country, but in Germany consumers have expressed a willingness to pay at least €13 per month.

Nokia says it will support the DVB-H standard for mobile phones, but transmission frequencies for mobile TV have not yet been allocated yet.

With its mobile TV phones, Nokia is returning to the television market. In 1996 Nokia sold its (traditional) television production and related technology units in Turku, Finland, along with the machinery and equipment of the Bochum television factory, to a company called Semi-Tech.

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