my brother!

my brother!

Today,i was doing the JAVA work.

the Dong give me eight sms..

too long,i wite it out for further days too read it .

I konw we will be good friends when I see you frist time and it came true then but so much I love you what I never thought before ince try to fogot you for one year but I still love you now i dont want any thing from you and you dont need to change anything just see me as your brother that enougt i dont konw if it is right but i cant stop to love you i think i will lonely for a life I konw you like girls I just want to tell you how much i live u please delete it after you read it

About two years ago i got my computer then i lost all the world .In that ages ,I thought the tech is all. So I also lost you,my brother,two years past.and now I have need more things to do but brother is brother ,brother isnt just a symbol.

I also lonely if I lost you.


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