somethings about Design77’s hosting

thanks ,thanks Jessia Stanfill and Sagara Kelaniya

one day ,i lost my hosting of ,then i post on the WHT,asked if someone can provided a free host for me .most people just repost for recommand their paid host.some times later ,Jessia add my MSN,then she said that she knew my MSN from the post of WHT,then show me their company’s hosting.I said i just want a free hosting ,i was just a poor student ,cant pay anything for thier hosting.At that time ,i just want get a free hosting ,but to knew a foreigner was a happy thing, at that time ,i have about teen foreigners friend,they were very different form my live side people ,and i learn many things from them.So i get a new Friend of USA the Jessia. the things happened later told me ,this is my great gift.

Then,we talked many things ,she knew I come from China,after that ,Jessia told me ,she must ask her boss for open a trial hosting for me ,then i can use thier hosting for a month’s try…..

at that time ,i was very happy.yes true.very happy.i lost my site hosting for about one months for the reason of the Chinese New Year. when i back to the school,i found my older hosting provider down.Anyway ,i get a hosting for free.

Then we talk about some thing about other ,for my abilty,her company,and other things.

To me, i am very lucky,to meet Jession.Later Jession told me her boss,A Aisan form Sri Lanka later Jession told me that Sagara just 24 years old and a nice people.He workd hard and achieve all of his dreams.

For me ,a poor student ,now have nothing just have time ,time for learning.The poor isnt question,The mind-set is the question.Yea.many of youth like me ,have more dreams .but most of them didnt konw how to make thire dreames to be true.When their life occur some unhappy things ,they didnt know the way to the other side of the problem.In other side,some youth didnt think their future.just lost a day for thire own feeling.

For the now ,i didnt have chat with Sagara,if have chance ,i want to have a chat with he.I know ,he must be very busy for his company and other things. Maybe he cant chat with me ,but i will improve my own abilily.

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