you must be change

07:35 the alarm clock of mobilephone ring,i want get more sleep.colsed it.
07:50 reweake,remembered must be send the dvd-writer back to the Xu sir.
07:55 see some messages and unreceive on the mobilephone.
08:02 do a list that things must to do today.
08:10 call the book phone of the ticket to book the ticket back home .
08:20 walk to the computer market.
08:55 see Xu sir and sent the things to him.back shcool.
09:10 get out some money from the CMB.
09:15 to the bookstore ,want to buy some books about c#.
09:19 to a CCB office to collection the GGAD’s Cheque.
09:20 there is no this business must be to a lager CCB office.
0924 to the China Unicom to pay the telephone rate.wait so long time.

09:36 to another CCB office.
0938: after ask three man then get that business’s window.
09:40 back to school,to the supermarket to get some food and fruit.
09:57 get a phone from one teacher ask me to pick a express mail.
09:58 get other phone from the CCB,tell me to get my CID back.
10:04 get the express mail.
10:08 a phone from Beijing,ask some things about the softwrae.
10:12 get back my CID.
10:18 back to school with some sweat.
10:23 get the time for study.

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