Last night i saw a post of the sijun then i want to see the KING KONG .From the post i know that the KING KONG have made for one time in 1933.then i found it on my shcool’s DVD site.its a black and white film,but from it i know lots of thing about USA.i didnt have no impression about the 1930s that time ,the world had have so high building.then today i down it form the 5q site.i think it will be show u more excited feeling if u see it at the cinema.the film especially the stunt so great.

yea.some people are the fans of the Peter Jackson and hate the great film be cut downbecause of the audience.also i think some places of this film not too compaction.i also get the film’s feature,its very funy.i have see some other movies’s feature.they also make uself’s desire to be a good director.

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